The SAMBA XXL Ultralight and LAMBADA Motorglider rank amongst the latest generation of ultra-light aircraft. If you are looking for a very smart looking, modern, efficient, and quiet aircraft that is easy to store and easy to assemble, look no further. The Samba XXL and Lambada burn premium octane automotive gas and can be registered under S-LSA, AULA, Special Ceritficate of Airworthiness Motorglider, JAR-22 and JAR-VLA categories. As the price of fuel, maintenance, and storage escalate, the Urban Air line of aircraft make terrific sense for any recreational pilot, flight school or gliding club. The SAMBA XXL and LAMBADA are side-by-side, two-seat, dual control aircraft manufactured using fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar construction techniques.The design objective was to create a light, strong, efficient and comfortable aircraft. Incorporating design ideas from modern, state-of-the-art gliders, and modern, efficient engines, coupled with some clever engineering, produces aircraft that meet all the design objectives, and are easy and fun to fly.