The SAMBA XXL and LAMBADA are designed and produced using construction techniques found in the manufacture of high performance sailplanes. These highly efficient aircraft are constructed from fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar in advanced composite manufacturing techniques, The result, very strong aircraft whilst reducing overall weight dramatically.

Based on the design of modern composite sailplanes, the LAMBADA features ailerons, spoiler and flap controls that are automatically hooked-up on rigging. The SAMBA XXL require onlu single point hook-up of the ailerons and the flaps are electrically activated. In both the SAMBA XXL and the LAMBADA, the wings are interlocked through the fuselage with a single wing-pin. This produces an extremely strong carry-through main spar.

Automatic hook-up - fuselage
Wingspar interlocks
Wing-pin visible between seats
Auotmatic hook-up - wing roots

The SAMBA XXLand LAMBADA are so light and aerodynamically efficient that the fuel burn at cruise setting is only 2.5 US Gallons/hr (9.5 l/h) for the Lambada with an 80 h.p. Rotax 912 UL 4-stroke engine and 3.5 US Gallons/hr (13.2l/h) for the SAMBA XXL with a 100 h.p Rotax 912 ULS. The SAMBA XXL may be quipped with either the Rotax 912 UL (80 hp) or the 912ULS (100 hp) engine. Rotax engines are water-cooled, have automatic mixture control and run on premium octane automotive gas.

The aircraft may be fitted with fixed, variable or constant speed propellers (the LAMBADA has the option of a full-feathering propeller). The 4-stroke Rotax engine, combined with the option of an electronically controlled constant speed propeller, results in a very quiet, yet very efficient aircraft.

Propeller - SAMBA XXL
Full feathering propellor
Constant speed propeller
Rotax engine in Lambada


An added layer of operational safety can be achieved with the installation of a ballistic rescue system.

Propeller - SAMBA XXL
Test ballistic recovery system
Parachute after test
Animation of brs test firing


There is no need for expensive hangar space. The wings and elevator can be quickly and easily removed allowing the aircraft to be stored in a limited space (trailer or garage) or transported on a custom trailer. Rigging time for the LAMBADA is around 30 minutes and for the SAMBA XXL about 60 minutes.

Both models can be fitted with a towhook, making quiet and fuel efficient towplanes.

Tailplane stored on fuselage
Adding wing extensions
Wing stored on undercarriage
Lambada on a trailer

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