Aerotowing with the SAMBA XXL and the LAMBADA has proved to be highly successful. Both the SAMBA XXL and the LAMBADA may be equipped with a tow-hook for aerotowing.

Gariep, S Africa 4000' agl
SAMBA  in South Africa 5000' agl
SAMBA  in South Africa 5000' agl
SAMBA  in South Africa 5000' agl

Due to the superbly efficient aerodynamic and structural design of the SAMBA XXL and the LAMBADA, sailplane towing is being done succsessfully in a number of countries. Aerotow tests have been conducted with various sailplane types (VSO-10, VT-116, ASW 15, ASW 20 BL, L-13 and a Janus, to name some). The aircraft are factory approved to tow single-seat and two-seat sailplanes up to 650 kg MTOW. This is an incredible achievement for an aircraft with only 80 or 100 horsepower!

SAMBA and Janus (650kg) 5100' agl - Density Alititude ~8000'
Janus on tow - Density Alititude ~8000'
Janus on tow - Density Alititude ~8000'
SAMBA with Std Austria'

All models employ the SM107 wing profile (very similar to that used in the Schempp-Hirth Discus), resulting in a towplane with the same characteristics and efficiency as the sailplane being towed. The towplane and the sailplane lift off in unison and both aircraft climb at similar best rate of climb airspeeds (Vy).

The use of constant speed propellers further increases the efficiency of these aircraft throughout the entire speed range.

SAMBA in Gariep South Africa
Tow-hook - SAMBA XXL
SAMBA and Blanik
Blanik on tow

During testing, the rate of climb during tow ranged from 3 - 5 kts (1,5 - 2,5 m/s) with the sailplane at MTOW. The SAMBA has proven itself as an efficient, quiet towplane in South Africa. Tests using the LAMBADA are curretly being held in South Africa and the results are excellent.

Please note that the majority of aerotowing images show the low-tow position used in many countries.

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SAMBA XXL aerotowing at the Ontario Provincials,
Toronto Soaring Club,2007
Courtesy of Bill Cole
LAMBADA towing a double seater gilder in Hungary
Courtesy of You Tube


March 07,2006:

Towing of sailplanes in Canada at by AULA's has been given the all clear.

September 27, 2005 :

Commercial towing with AULA's in Canada is currently under review. This is an excerpt from the Canadian Aviation Recreational Council (CRAC) meeting dated Sept 27, 2005 regarding recommendations for aerowtowing with AULA's in Canada:

·      AULA glider and banner towing

The Council recommends that:

     Advanced ultra-light aeroplane manufacturers be encouraged to develop guidelines for the use of advanced ultra-light aeroplanes in towing objects.

     We extend the privilege for ultra-light aeroplanes to tow gliders. Record Sept27,2005.html

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