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I bring a depth of flying experience to the company with over 20,000 hours of flying. My background includes  many years of “bush” flying, recreational flying and airline flying.  I have flown an interesting collection of aircraft ranging from a Lazair to the Boeing 777.

In Feb 2004 I went to South Africa with Tom to evaluate the SAMBA and LAMBADA aircraft.  I was interested in gaining first-hand experience with the Urban Air planes as there were none in Canada at the time.

I discovered that the aircraft were extremely pleasurable to fly and I was also very impressed with them in the role of a tow plane option for glider clubs here in North America. While very few AULA will be called upon as a workhorse to tow other aircraft into the air, this was proof to me that we were pursuing the correct aircraft that will deliver many years of solid service to their owners.

I firmly believe the future of affordable flying in North America depends upon the use of cost effective, low maintenance, modern and efficient new technology in new aircraft design. Based upon my experience I believe that the SAMBA XXL and the LAMBADA are light-years ahead of anything in their class.

Please enjoy our website or come and visit us at the field near Tottenham, Ontario, Canada.  Our field is 50 km north of Toronto International airport (CYYZ):  n44.02.30 w079.50.49 - CTR3    

Drop by……… the coffee pot is always on.


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I have been involved in many facets of aviation since 1990. I own and fly fixed wing aircraft in categories requiring a variety of licences. I also fly a weight-shift  trike.

Originaly from South Africa, I now reside in Canada. It was in South Africa that I became aware of the Urban Air products that are manufactured in the Czech Republic. There are now over 50 of these fine aircraft operating in that part of the world and I believe the time is right to introduce these aircraft into Canada.  In South Africa, these aircraft are used for touring and for the sheer pleasure of flying at extremely affordable costs.

These aircraft are not only fun to fly but they are very robust due to their modern design characteristics and efficiency.  For example, the Samba ultra–light aircraft, has been towing gliders successfully in South Africa since 2000.


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From Czech Republic to Canada with love! I am Ladi Horak. I immigrated to Canada from the Czech Republic over 20 years ago.

I teamed up with Mike and Tom after a fact-finding mission to Urban Air in my home country. My experience in aviation is firmly grounded in many years of Wakefield class model design and flight (ultra light free flight models).

As with many aviation enthusiasts who start out with aircraft models, I eventually graduated to full-size aircraft. In my case it was ultra-lights.  Of course, as a  natural progression from highly designed and engineered composite models, I gravitated towards highly designed and engineered composite full-size aircraft.

Being a native of the Czech Republic, I bring a distinct advantage to Advanced Composite Aircraft Inc.  I  bring an understanding of the  the Czech culture, I speak the language, and I know the most efficient means of conducting business in this emerging economy.  I am in a perfect position to bridge the gap between east and west. With many years of experience successfully running a company in the world of telecommunications , I add to the entrepreneurial spirit of our company.


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