The SAMBA XXL is introduced adding a jewel to the range of aircraft. The SAMBA XXL has a larger cockpit and refined instrument panel design, and is well suited for the demanding North American market.

JUNE 1999

The prototype of the SAMBA makes its first flight. Designed to satisfy demands for a high performance aircraft, the SAMBA quickly rises in popularity in Europe and Africa.

MAY 1996

The LAMBADA takes to the skies. Based on modern composite construction techniques used in glider design, the LAMBADA is the brainchild of Pavel Urban, then principal of Urban Air s.r.o in the Czech Republik.

Prototype LAMBADA with Karel Faltus
and Eng. Milos Mladek
Prototype SAMBA
Petr Boušek in the second prototype

Developed and engineered by Pavel Urban, Karel Faltus and Eng. Miloš Mládek, with aerodynamic design and calculation by Dipl. Technician Mirko Musil. The aviation world is indebted to these men of vision for there work on these excellent ultra-light airplanes.

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