LAMBADA S-LSA Motorglider
The Soaring Pilot's Dream
Performance and Comfort

The LAMBADA S-LSA motorglider is designed with ease of flight in mind and optimizes aerodynamic excellence and touring capability.

With the option of 13m or 15m wingspan, this aircraft offers performance coupled with fuel efficiency.

The LAMBADA motorglider can be registered in Canada in the Special Certificate of Airworthiness, Motorglider category and in the USA in the S-LSA catergory.

The SAMBA XXL S-LSA / AULA is designed for North American market, offering a modern spacious cockpit with a sleek appearance.

The SAMBA XXL is an ideal aircraft for training, touring, and aerotowing.

The SAMBA XXL can be registered in Canada in the AULA category, and in the USA in the S-LSA category.

Ranking among the latest generation of ultra-light aircraft, the SAMBA XXL advanced ultralight and the LAMBADA motorglider are side-by-side, two-seat, dual control aircraft made of fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar utilizing integral moulding construction techniques. The design objective is to create light, strong, efficient and comfortable aircraft.

If you are looking for a sleek, well designed, modern, efficient, and quiet aircraft that is easy to store and easy to assemble, look no further. The SAMBA XXL and the LAMBADA burn premium octane automotive gas and can be registered under S-LSA in the USA and the AULA and Special C of A provisions in Canada. As the price of fuel, maintenance, and storage escalate, the Urban Air line of aircraft make terrific sense for any recreational pilot, flight school or gliding club.

Final wing assembly
Completed wings
Wing manufacture
Vertical stabilizer - LAMBADA

Incorporating design ideas taken from state-of-the-art sailplanes, and modern, efficient engines, coupled with some clever engineering, produces aircraft that meet all the design objectives, and are easy and fun to fly.

Wings and tailplane are easily removed for transportion or storage in a garage (no hangar required). Rigging and de-rigging is fast and very simple to accomplish with most controls automatically hooked-up.

Both the SAMBA XXL and the LAMBADA can be fitted with a towhook making ideal, fuel efficient towplanes.

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