The SAMBA XXL is based on the very successful SAMBA (UFM-10). Excellent flight characteristics have been preserved while the cockpit size has increased to accommodate tall pilots. This makes the SAMBA XXL extremely comfortable during long periods of flight.

The SAMBA XXL is ideal for traveling, training and towing.

SAMBA XXL - brief technical description:

The SAMBA XXL is a two-seat, single-engine, low-wing aircraft with side by side seating. It is all-composite in construction. The fuselage is made mainly of carbon laminate with local sandwich construction. The wing is of sandwich construction.

The wing is equipped with slotted flaps. The flap positions are 20° and 45°. The tail surfaces are of conventional layout. The undercarriage is tricycle with steerable front wheel and the main wheels are equipped with brakes.

The main undercarriage is a continuous laminated sprung composite lay-up. Integral fuel tanks of 13 US gallons (50 litres) each, are located in the wing leading edge.

The SAMBA XXL can be fitted with a tow hook for towing gliders up to a maximum take-off weight of 1433 lbs (650 kg).

The Samba XXL may be equipped with removable wingtip extensions.

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Wing area
Empty weight
Aerofoil section

Engine options
Rotax 912 UL
Rotax 912 ULS

Min. speed
Cruise speed
Max. speed
Design speed

Glide ratio
Climb solo
Climb MTOW
Min. sink rate

Fuel tank/s

32' 10"
19' 8"
7' 3"
95 sq ft
1232 lbs
573 lbs
SM 701

80 HP
100 HP

35 kts
119 kts
146 kts
162 kts

689/1969 fpm
492/1378 fpm
354 ft/min

1 or 2x13 USgal

10 m
6 m
2.2 m
8.9 sq m
560 kg
260 kg
SM 701

80 HP
100 HP

65 km/h
220 km/h
270 km/h
300 km/h

3.5/10 m/s
2.5/7 m/s
1.8 m/s

1 or 2x50 l

Standard inclusions:

Engine Rotax 912 UL
Propeller WOODCOMP SR200

Silicon fuel lines protection
Stainless exhaust

2 x 50 liters fuel tank
Pilot seat on the left
Tri-cycle undercarriage (wheels 14x4)

Standard VFR instrumentation:
Air speed indicator
Vertical speed indicator
Magnetic compass
Engine instruments
Bank indicator (ball)
Basic radio pre-equipment preparation

Green canopy with flipers

Camloc screws on the cowling
Position light (Strobe) preparation
Tow hook preparation
Rudder pedals on lower fuselage
Carbon fuselage

Electric flaps
Electric trim
Winglets - "Shark fins"

Maximum luggage place
Windows in luggage place (shown on AERO 2007)

First aid kit
Fire extinguisher
Special fuel filter ("gas colator")
Parking brake

Nylon tapes on ailerons

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